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Client API

Getting started

The Rest-API allows clients to request product level data by product ID or be searching the product name. All data is supplied in JSON format.

Create your API token

All API requests will need the bearer token supplied, follow the steps below to get your client specific token.

  • To generate a token you will need to send a POST request to the following link:

  • The body of your request should include the username (email) and the password you use to log in to the Rendered platform. It is suggested (but not required) to do this with the primary account holder details.


  • On POST we will confirm your login details, if successful you will receive your token. This token can be saved and included as authorization for all requests made for product specific data.

Tokens are valid forever, however from time to time these might reset and you will be required to create a new token.

Usage of the API

GET by$ididunique product id$abckeystring to search for

Currently search looks in the name and description fields of a product. Multiple products can be returned.

Sample data output

If a specific ID cannot be found, or a search returns empty:

    "status": "error",
    "code": 0,
    "message": "No product found, it either doesn't exist or you don't have permission to view it"

Errors are likely due to one of two things. Either the product ID entered does not exist, or your account does not have access to that particular product id.

On success, the JSON object will be shown for the product specified:

    "status": "success",
    "code": 1,
    "data": {
        "id": 100,
        "name": "Product Name or SKU/GTIN code",
        "description": "This is the additional information when creating an order",
        "status": 4,
        "clientid": 1,
        "project_created": "2022-02-21",
        "date_finished": "2022-04-04 12:36:53",
        "progress": 100,
        "tblcustomfieldsvalues": [
                "relid": 100,
                "fieldid": 1,
                "value": "RDP-000"
                "relid": 100,
                "fieldid": 6,
                "value": "Master model"
                "relid": 100,
                "fieldid": 5,
                "value": ""
                "relid": 100,
                "fieldid": 3,
                "value": "embed link goes here"

Fields and Values

id100Unique product id within Rendered.
nameProduct nameThe product name that was used to create the order, can be name, SKU or GTIN code.
descriptionProduct descriptionThe description of the product, this is the “additional info” from the order.
status41 = not started
2 = in progress
3 = on hold
4 = finished
51 = client-review
52 = finalize
clientid1Your client id, this is shared between all contacts for the client account.
project_created2022-03-08When the product was created.
date_finished2022-04-07 14:49:26The product was completed on this date and the final output URL shared.
progress100Percentage value of the progress of a product within the workflow.
customfieldsvalues.relid100This is the product id that these custom fields belongs to.
customfieldsvalues.fieldid11 = order id (is unique)
3 = embed link
5 = final download link
6 = product type (master, model variation or material variation)
customfieldsvalues.value1 = RDP-000
3 = embed link
5 = download url
6 = product type
Depends on the value of “fieldid”. Here you can get the final download link or embed link.

To select a specific value from the customfieldsvalues array, use the object number:


or (for the last one in the example, which would give you the embed link)


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