Increase customer engagement with an interactive 3D viewer and AR.

Drive product engagement

Interactive, engaging shopping experiences lead to higher product engagement

Increase sales conversion

Augmented Reality experiences have proven to increase conversions across the board

22% lower returns

Return rates for shoppers that use augmented reality is 22% lower

Detailed and fully interactive

Our interactive 3D viewer allows you to add engaging customer experiences to your current website or webshop. Our 3D viewer uses embed codes that can easily be placed into your current platform of choice.

Augmented Reality

Bridge the gap between in-store and online by allowing your customers to experience your products directly in their homes. Our 3D viewer includes app-less AR, meaning anyone viewing your product on a mobile device will be able to view it in their space.

Merge online with offline

Add QR codes to your print material to let customer see and interact with your products in augmented reality. Try it yourself and scan the QR code below with your mobile device.

Our interactive 3D viewer solutions

All viewers work with an embed link system, this means that you can quickly get started adding interactive content without any changes to your current website or backend.

Rendered white label

  • Rendered Branding - No
  • Lighting - Standard
  • Ground shadow - Basic
  • App-less AR - Yes
  • Viewer Analytics - Extended
  • QR Codes for Print - Optional
  • 3D Model Annotations - No

Advanced Sketchfab Viewer

  • Sketchfab Branding - No
  • Lighting - Custom
  • Ground shadow - Soft Shadows
  • App-less AR - Yes
  • Viewer Analytics - Extended
  • QR Codes for Print - Yes
  • 3D Model Annotations - Yes
Sketchfab 3D viewer

Rendered is both a 3D content partner and integration partner of the Sketchfab viewer technology. Together with Sketchfab we are able to provide best in class 3D viewers to enterprise clients at scale.

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