Increase engagement with a 3D product viewer

Drive product engagement

Interactive, engaging shopping experiences lead to higher product engagement

Increase sales conversion

3D product visualization has proven to increase conversions across the board

22% lower returns

Return rates for shoppers that used 3D assets is 22% lower

Detailed and fully interactive

Our interactive 3D product viewer allows you to add engaging customer experiences to your current website or webshop. Customer will be able to view your product in more detail, proven to increase add to cart rates.

3d product viewer interactive engaging

Included app-less AR

Bridge the gap between in-store and online by allowing your customers to experience your products directly in their homes. Our 3D product viewer includes app-less AR, meaning anyone viewing your product on a mobile device will be able to view it in their space.


3D assets are automatically optimized and compressed with the perfect balance of speed and quality. Final output includes both the original and optimized 3D assets.

Optimized 3D and AR assets

Level 1

High detail asset for photorealistic product renders.

Optimized 3D and AR assets

Level 2

Optimized asset for use with real-time 3d viewers and AR.

Optimized 3D and AR assets

Level 3

Automatic optimization to further reduce loading times and resources.

Our 3D product viewer

Our viewer works with either an embed link or through direct javascript integration, this means that you can quickly get started adding interactive content with little to no changes to your current website or backend.

Storage and hosting is done through Rendered using high quality and high availability Microsoft Azure storage solutions and CDN.

Microsoft Azure and CDN

Rendered white label

  • Rendered Branding - No
  • Lighting - Standard
  • Ground shadow - Basic
  • App-less AR - Yes
  • Viewer Analytics - Extended
  • Dynamic QR codes - Yes

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