Embed 3D assets within minutes

Implement 3D product viewers and augmented reality within minutes into your ecommerce product detail pages.

How does it work?


Copy the embed link from the digitized product in the Rendered platform.


Paste that embed link into your PDP, for example in your product carousel.


The 3D product viewer including app-less AR is now embedded ready for customers to interact with.

3D and AR embed within minutes

Seamless integration

Embed codes within the Rendered platform are compatible with all ecommerce platforms.

Rendered for ecommerce

Output for ecommerce specific end goals includes everything you need to get your products online and selling fast. All content is created according to the guidelines and specifications of the largest ecommerce platforms.

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QR codes

Dynamic QR codes

3D product viewers include dynamic QR codes for desktop users, this allows customers to seamlessly view the product in AR while browsing on desktop.

QR images

QR code images can also be added to PDP's or product carousels, minimizing the impact on page load speeds while still providing an interactive solution to view the product in 3D and AR.

Plug and play 3D assets

Final output for every order in Rendered includes the GLB and USDZ files. Industry standard formats that can be used with an end-to-end solution of your choice.

Still have questions?

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