3D and AR product visualization for ecommerce

Easy to implement 3D and AR technology that can significantly improve product engagement and conversions, while decreasing returns.

The ultimate end-to-end solution for ecommerce product visualisation

Create, manage, publish and analyze your embedded 3D assets.

increase in order conversions when implementing 3D and AR
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of customers are less likely to return their purchase
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more likely to purchase a product when viewing it in AR
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All-in-one platform

The Rendered platform takes the hassle out of 3D content creation and management. Our content pipeline has been designed to make it as easy as possible to start integrating 3D and AR into your ecommerce site.

Take control of your 3D content requirements. Rendered’s platform and dedicated content creators ensure a high quality and consistent 3D pipeline.

Manage orders, give feedback and download final assets through your account in the platform.

Publish 3D assets within minutes using embed links and dynamic QR codes, compatible on all ecommerce platforms.

Keep track of your published 3D assets and see how customers are engaging with your products.

Rendered platform dashboard
App-less AR on mobile

Interactive product experiences

3D Product Viewer

Our 3D assets will help you display realistic and accurate representations of your products, giving your customers a new and exciting way to view and interact with them. By visualizing your products in 3D, you can put your customers in control and give them a truly immersive experience.

App-less AR

Rendered's app-less AR enables customers to preview products in their own environment, without the need to download plugins or apps. The technology is supported across different browsers and devices.

Virtual Photography

Photorealistic product images for multiple marketing touchpoints. Scalable high quality product imagery using virtual production, for as many variations as needed.

Rendered shorts

10 - 15 second product animations for highly effective product detail pages, social media and marketing campaigns.

Virtual try-on

Enhance the shopping experience and allow customers to quickly try-on glasses and shoes directly within your PDP.

Pricing plans

More affordable than you think, with a free subscription content production starts from as little as €21 per product.

Try our new Estimation Tool to quickly determine how much it will cost to digitize your product.

Industry standard 3D and AR content


For businesses seeking to integrate 3D and AR solutions into their ecommerce platform.
199 Monthly
  • 3D product viewer
  • App-less AR
  • Virtual photography
  • 20 000 embed views
  • 100GB storage and hosting

Go Digital

Go fully digital and implement 3D, AR and Virtual Photography for your ecommerce site.
399 Monthly
  • 3D product viewer
  • App-less AR
  • Virtual photography
  • 50 000 embed views
  • 250GB storage and hosting

Latest Case Studies

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