Manage your 3D digitized products

Keep track of orders, review 3D assets, download final output and keep track of your finances directly in the platform.

Track orders

View and track order statuses and get notified when your attention is needed.

Review in 3D

Our build-in 3D viewer allows you to review 3D assets directly in the platform.

Financial overview

Approve estimates, view invoices and export account data for your own records.

Rendered for ecommerce

Output for ecommerce specific end goals includes everything you need to get your products online and selling fast. All content is created according to the guidelines and specifications of the largest ecommerce platforms.

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Take control of your 3D assets

Keep track of all your orders and know exactly what the status is of those orders. You’ll get notified once something is ready for review or completed.

average turn around time
5 day
or less on average is needed
1 revision
Rendered platform dashboard

In platform QA

Eliminate the need for endless emails and ongoing phone calls with 3D designers. Our visual quality assurance tool enables you to examine the product in 3D from every perspective, streamlining the process for requesting modifications during production.

Digital 3D DAM

Your digitized final output, along with the embed codes, are securely stored in your account and can be easily accessed whenever you need them.

Connect through API and retrieve digitized content to integrate directly with your own internal tools.

All subscriptions include both storage and hosting, with all 3D assets ready to implement.

Rendered financial overview

Financial overview

Keep track of your finances within your account; approve estimates, view invoices and export account statements at the click of a button.

Ready to learn more?

Book a demo with one of our consultants to see how easy it is to manage 3D content in the Rendered platform.

  • What do I need 3D models for?

    To showcase your product in Augmented Reality or in the 3D Viewer, you need to have a 3D model of your product, also called a digital twin.

  • Who is it for?

    Any e-commerce or marketing manager who wants to drive customer engagement with their products.

  • What reference materials do you need to create my products in 3D?

    Required data; images from various angles and product measurements. However, the more reference data you supply the better a 3D product we can create.

  • How many reference photos do you need?

    We require the front, side and back of the product, again, the more reference data you provide the better. Product images do not need to be photographed in a studio.

  • How long does it take to digitize a product?

    On average this is within 2 weeks, depending on the complexity of the product.

  • How many fixes to the 3D product can I request?

    One to two rounds of iterations are included in the 3D production process. We are happy to moderate a model further for an extra charge.

  • How much does it cost to digitize a product?

    This depends on product complexity, prices start from 44 EUR.

  • What type of products can you digitize?

    We can basically create any type of product, however, we currently don't support garments (clothing).

  • Can we send physical products to you?

    If you would like to send a product to us, please contact either your dedicated support person or use the contact form below.

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