Scalable 3D product visuals with Virtual Photography

Generate high quality product images at scale and significantly faster

Made for e-commerce, product images created by Rendered are based on the guidelines of the biggest e-commerce companies and platforms. Reduce your logistic needs and reduce waste by digitizing your products with CGI content production

One 3D asset with multiple use cases

Not only can you offer customers interactive solutions from your 3D assets, but those same 3D assets can be used for web and print content to create consistent communication across the board.

One 3D asset for unlimited variations

Show images of your entire range of products, giving customers peace of mind by experiencing all options and configurations before purchasing.

The benefits of CGI over regular photography

More affordable

Adding up the logistics, storage space, studio hire, photographers, equipment and other related photography costs, CGI is a much more affordable solution.

Logistic free

No need to transport goods, 3D assets can be made from a few photographs or CAD drawings getting you your product images quicker than ever before.


Once a 3D asset has been made, changes to that asset or variations of that asset are quick and easy to produce.

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