Grow sales with App-less AR

Increase buyer confidence and improve product engagement.

Ralph Lauren 3D and AR - mobile

Proven technology for increased KPI's

of user's prefer product pages with 3D and AR embedded.
people say that they have an improved shopping experience with the use of AR.
of users are more likely to purchase a product when having viewed it in 3D and AR.

Rendered for ecommerce

Output for ecommerce specific end goals includes everything you need to get your products online and selling fast. All content is created according to the guidelines and specifications of the largest ecommerce platforms.

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How does it work?

Rendered’s AR is app-less and does not require customers to download any plugins or apps. Customers can either scan the QR code with their mobile device or directly view the product in AR when visiting the mobile page. 

Hassle-free and intuitive AR.

3D and AR embed within minutes

The benefits of AR


Enhanced Shopping Experience: AR provides an immersive, interactive shopping experience. It allows customers to virtually try products and visualize them in their environment, increasing satisfaction.


Reduced Return Rates: AR helps reduce returns by giving a realistic visualization of products. This clarity matches customer expectations with reality, decreasing the likelihood of product returns.


Competitive Advantage: Implementing AR can give a business a competitive edge. It shows a brand as innovative and customer-focused, enhancing its market reputation.


Increased Conversion Rates: AR can boost engagement and conversion rates. Its interactive and personalized shopping experience encourages customers to spend more time and make purchases on the site.


more interaction


increased confidence

1 billion

people use AR

up to 94%

conversion increase


consumers were less likely to return their purchase

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