Unlocking Efficiency: 3D asset creation for less

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In the rapidly evolving world of ecommerce, the visualization of products has taken center stage. With consumers demanding an increasingly immersive shopping experience, 3D product viewers and augmented reality (AR) on Product Detail Pages (PDPs) have become more than just fancy additions. They’re now essential tools for successful online retailers. At the heart of this immersive experience lies the creation of 3D assets, a process that was, until recently, labor-intensive, time-consuming, and costly.

Enter Rendered – an end-to-end solution for businesses to create and utilize 3D assets for their products.


Workflow Automation
While the demand for 3D product visualization has grown, at Rendered, we recognized the need for a more efficient way to create high-quality 3D assets. Our solution? Workflow automation.

  1. Speed: With automation, the creation of 3D assets is faster, enabling businesses to get their products online faster and capitalize on trends and market demands quickly.
  2. Consistency: Our workflow ensures that every 3D asset adheres to the same high standards of quality and detail, eliminating the variations and inconsistencies that often occur with fully manual processes.
  3. Cost Efficiency: By reducing the time required for 3D asset creation, we’ve significantly reduced our prices. This makes our services more accessible to a broader range of businesses while offering an attractive return on investment (ROI).

Use our estimation tool to see how much those prices have reduced

A benefit for both businesses and consumers
The benefits of automation in 3D asset creation extend beyond just cost and time savings for businesses. Consumers also stand to gain:

  1. Enhanced Shopping Experience: With more products available in 3D and AR, consumers can enjoy a richer, more interactive shopping experience, leading to increased engagement and higher conversion rates.
  2. Informed Decisions: The ability to view products in 3D and AR allows consumers to get a better sense of the product, reducing the uncertainty that often accompanies online shopping and leading to more confident purchase decisions.


At Rendered, our commitment to innovation and efficiency continues to drive us forward. The incorporation of automation into our 3D asset creation process is just one example of how we’re constantly seeking ways to deliver better value to our clients.

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, businesses need tools that not only keep pace but also set them apart from the competition. Rendered, with its end-to-end platform, offers just that—a competitive edge in a market where standing out is paramount.

If you’re looking to elevate your online presence and offer your customers an unmatched shopping experience, Rendered is here to help. With our efficient and cost-effective solutions, the ROI has never been more attractive. Join the future of e-commerce with Rendered!

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