The Rendered 3D and AR viewer is now faster and more efficient

3D AR viewer speed optimized

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We’ve made a few changes to our 3D and AR viewer, now 3D assets are loaded 3-5 times quicker, and we all know how important load times are when running an e-commerce site. We are still using the Google model viewer as a base, below we’ve compared the timing to the standard Google model viewer.

Rendered 3D product viewer

* load times are affected by a lot of other factors such as your internet connection. If you have visited this page before then the models will have been cached, in that case they will load almost instantly.

The fidelity of the models are unchanged to the naked eye and other than loading much quicker, GPU and RAM usage are decreased so that 3D assets are more responsive to user input. This process has been built into our pipeline meaning there is nothing different for our clients to do or implement.

Below are the load times compared with different internet connections speeds, from slow 3G to fast fiber.

Google model viewerRendered 3D viewer
93 seconds16 seconds
67 seconds11 seconds
34 seconds6 seconds
14 seconds3 seconds
5 seconds1 second
2 secondsless than 1 second
Google model viewer
Rendered 3D viewer
Mobile 3G (750 kbps download)
93 seconds
16 seconds
DSL (2 mbps download)
67 seconds
11 seconds
Mobile 4G (4 mbps download)
34 seconds
6 seconds
DSL2/+ (10 mbps download)
14 seconds
3 seconds
Wifi (30 mbps download)
5 seconds
1 second
Fiber / 5G (100 mbps download)
2 seconds
less than 1 second

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