Further 3D Asset Optimization

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We’ve made significant strides in optimizing our 3D assets, ensuring they are both high-quality and efficiently sized for online use.

Customers expect high-resolution, detailed views of products, often in an interactive setting. However, the higher the quality of these 3D assets, the larger their file size tends to be. This poses a challenge for online platforms, where loading speed and smooth interaction are key to user experience.

To address this, we have employed advanced compression techniques specifically tailored for 3D assets. This approach enables us to significantly reduce the file sizes of these models without compromising their detail or visual fidelity. Our method ensures that the 3D assets retain their high resolution and intricate details – essential for customers examining products online or through AR applications.

Google model viewerRendered 3D viewer
93 seconds16 seconds
67 seconds11 seconds
34 seconds6 seconds
14 seconds3 seconds
5 seconds1 second
2 secondsless than 1 second
Leather lounge chair
Leather handbag
Beats headphones
New Balance shoe
Optimized 3D and AR assets

Level 1

High detail asset for photorealistic product renders.

Optimized 3D and AR assets

Level 2

Optimized asset for use with real-time 3D product viewers and AR.

Optimized 3D and AR assets

Level 3

Automatic optimization to further reduce loading times and resources.

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