Introducing Rendered Shorts – 3D product animations

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Today, we’re excited to introduce our latest product: Rendered Shorts. These short, captivating 10-15 second product animations combine visual appeal with practical efficiency.

The Concept of Rendered Shorts
Rendered Shorts are designed to be consistent and scalable, these short animations are perfect for product detail pages (PDPs), social media platforms, and broader marketing campaigns. By encapsulating the essence of a product in a few seconds, they capture the audience’s attention to ensure more engagement.

Leveraging Existing Assets for Cost-Effectiveness
One of the standout features of Rendered Shorts is their cost-effectiveness. By utilizing the same 3D assets we create for the 3D product viewers and AR experiences, we keep production costs low without compromising on quality. This approach not only saves money but also streamlines the content creation process, ensuring a swift turnaround for your marketing needs.

Boosting Engagement and Conversion Rates

The impact of Rendered Shorts goes beyond visual appeal. Statistics show that product videos can significantly increase engagement and conversion rates. By incorporating these animations into your marketing strategy, you open the door to a more interactive and engaging customer experience, leading to better performance metrics and, ultimately, sales.

By offering a cost-effective, efficient, and visually appealing solution, Rendered shorts can help transform the way products are presented on your ecommerce site. Combined with 3D product viewers, AR and consistent product visuals, you’ll have all the tools needed to convert casual browsers, into paying customers.

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