Improve the customer’s journey with 3D and Augmented Reality (AR) experiences

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Google and Apple have both invested a great deal into 3D and AR, to the point where AR has now become web-native and has become an incredibly useful tool for webshop and e-commerce businesses.

“61% of online shoppers prefer to make purchases from sites that offer augmented reality (AR).”


The customer’s journey is a powerful tool to promote, display and sell products in a way that suits online sales, 3D and AR has applications at every stage of the journey.

Customers are usually aware of the brands and/or products they are interested in, but lack knowledge of the specifics. Visuals in this stage are incredibly important, by allowing customers to engage in 3D experiences of your products, it allows them to get more familiar with those products and in turn increase buyer awareness.

3D and AR allows them to have more control in their purchasing journey. As they compare different products, customers can experience and experiment in their own time, and their own spaces.

AR has proved particularly successful for furniture. Ikea Place has been a huge success, allowing consumers to place 3D furniture into their own homes and seeing how those items fit in their space using augmented reality.

3D and AR also gives customers better purchase satisfaction, allowing them to explore designs and specifications before they buy, which means that they know the product better when purchasing. This ensures that there are less surprises when they receive the product, decreasing returns.

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“…retailers using AR are enjoying a 19% spike in customer engagement, …and the customer conversion rate increases by 90% for customers engaging with AR versus those that don’t.”


Consumers need reassurance about the quality of products and the accuracy of their choices. 3D and AR are perfectly suited for this, as it drives value by making customers more likely to make a purchase. 

Augmented Reality can also help with B2B sales. Sales teams can be armed with interactive 3D experiences, showcasing what your brand has to offer beyond the physical limits of your store or showroom.

Optimize your customer journey with 3D and AR

Customers’ expectations are always changing. In the last few years we have seen that more than ever it is important for e-commerce businesses to implement 3D and AR. Customers are starting to expect 3D and AR experiences in their purchasing journey.

The threshold to create 3D assets and interactive experiences has also become easier and more affordable. If you are interested to see how Rendered can help you change the customers journey, please contact us.

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