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How do you increase the conversion rate of your online shop? Augmented reality (AR) can help increase conversions rates and decrease returns. According to Shopify’s own research, the conversion rate of products with AR solutions is 94% higher than products without AR, this is why it is one of the most adopted features on Shopify. AR improves customers engagement with your products and it allows customers to view those products in much more detail, leading to higher conversion rates. 

According to a Neilsen global survey from 2019, consumers listed Augmented and Virtual Reality as the top technologies they’re seeking to assist them in their daily lives. In fact, just over half (51%) said they were willing to use this technology to assess products online.

Harvard Business Review

What is Shopify AR?

Shopify AR is a web-integrated augmented reality service that uses digitised 3D products to bring product visualisation for ecommerce to the next level. Since Shopify AR is integrated into the webshop, customers can visit the product page directly and interact with the product in real time using the 3D viewer and app-less AR.

When Apple announced iOS 11 and ARKit (and some time later Google announced ARCore) it gave developers a standardised way to implement 3D assets into online platforms, and with it, augmented reality’s potential has moved beyond games and other mediocre applications of its past, towards more immersive, practical and most importantly, useful experiences.

Augmented reality enhances the understanding of the product, which in turn increases sales and lowers returns. Shopify AR is user-friendly, flexible, and easy to use, allowing you to add 3D products to the product pages just like you would with product images.

Why should you implement Shopify AR?

As a Shopify merchant, your store’s conversion rate, revenue and profitability are all influenced by the customer’s journey, a powerful tool to promote, display and sell products in a way that suits online sales. 3D and AR has possible applications at every stage of the journey and will determine if customers interacting with your Shopify website will have positive or negative experiences. By consistently delivering positive experiences with the use of 3D and AR, you’ll avoid 88% of customers not returning to your website.

Here are some of the benefits of implementing 3D and AR:

  • Provides customers the tools to make informed buying decisions
  • Allow customers to view all details of a product and lets them view it in their own space
  • Integrate the online and offline customer journey
  • Reduce waste, logistics and warehouse space for products
  • Reduce the sales cycle with engaged and informed customers buying quicker

These benefits of adopting AR can reduce returns, increase engagement and streamline operations. Further, 40% of consumers are willing to pay more for a product if they can use AR to experience it in their sales journey. According to Shopify, AR has enabled some brands to increase conversion rates by up to 250%. 


Rendered for Shopify

To gain the above mentioned benefits for your online shop, you’ll need detailed, optimised and AR ready digitised products. Rendered provides both ARKit and ARCore ready 3D products for use with Shopify AR. These 3D products are optimised for ecommerce experiences allowing your customers to experience products in a wonderful new way. Rendered compresses the 3D assets so that loading times are efficient and customers aren’t waiting for 3D products to load.

Rendered has its own production teams with specialist 3D artists that use tried and tested processes and workflows to create consistent and high quality 3D assets for 3D viewers and AR for ecommerce. Rendered produces 1000’s of 3D products monthly that allow merchants, vendors, manufacturers and e-tailers to benefit from 3D and AR solutions.

Don’t use Shopify? Rendered provides 3D viewers with app-less AR compatible with all online platforms and is easy to add with an embed link. All 3D assets are hosted by Rendered so no platform or backend changes are needed.

Creating 3D products for interactive experiences has become more affordable, regardless of how many products you sell. If you are interested to see how Rendered can help you implement AR on Shopify or any other ecommerce platform, please contact us.


Would you like to learn more?

Book a demo to learn more about how Rendered can help you easily implement 3D and AR into your ecommerce platform.

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