Apple’s VR headset gets closer to reality

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According to a report by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, A new VR headset produced by Apple was shown to the board. According to reports, Apple began working on the headset in 2015. Although it might be a few months or even years before an Apple headset appears, the fact that it appears to exist is nevertheless important to note.

While Apple is rumored to announce a pair of AR-only glasses at some point, they are not as advanced as the future headset, which combines virtual reality and augmented reality technology.

When the headset is released, it is expected to shake up the wearable VR ecosystem. Meta’s Oculus goggles currently dominate that space. Meta has made a big deal out of its metaverse marketing, promising us a fantastic cyberpunk future. Nonetheless, Meta has gone all-in on its AR and VR ambitions, while losing $10 billion on its metaverse efforts.

When Apple releases a new product, however, it is usually a big deal. And it will be Apple’s first truly new product since the Apple Watch. It appears to be setting up a showdown between the mega consumer tech companies, with Apple and Meta competing to entice people to their respective VR visions.

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