Add 3D products to Google Search

Google-Search in 3D AR

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Did you know that once you add 3D assets to your e-commerce platform that Google can show them in 3D and AR within the Google Search results?

Rendered output is compatible with this feature and once you add your 3D assets to your site the product listing in Google Search will include the option to view that product in 3D, and once in 3D you can also view it in AR.

Over the past several years, Google has been dropping hints that 3D and image search is something SEOs, webmasters, developers and content producers should pay attention to. It is a good way for searchers to discover new content and information and can be helpful in not just driving eyeballs but potentially even conversions.

Seeing that a retail brand like Burberry has this feature live is really exciting for this 3D asset feature in Search. Retailers and brands now have added incentive to include 3D assets and structured data on their sites.

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