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At Rendered we wanted to create a simple but accurate way to quickly get price estimates to digitize products for 3D product viewers, Augmented Reality and Virtual PhotographyRendered is proud to introduce the Rendered Estimate Tool. It’s a tool designed to quickly estimate the pricing for the 3D digitization of products. The tool is currently limited to furniture and homeware products, but we’re continually working to improve both the supported product categories and the accuracy of the tool.

How Does It Work?
Users simply upload an image of the product they wish to digitize. The tool then swiftly estimates the complexity of the product and provides an immediate price for the content creation of that product.


One of the standout features of the Rendered Platform is its comprehensive end-to-end solution that enables customers to create, manage, publish, and analyze these digitized products. Using Rendered, customers can transform their traditional catalog into a dynamic, immersive showcase that elevates the customer experience and enhances product engagement. This, in turn, can significantly boost conversion rates and customer loyalty.

Try it now, it is completely free to use.

By making it faster and more transparent to get pricing data, Rendered is empowering businesses to step into the future of product visualization.  Join us at Rendered, leverage the power of the Rendered Platform, and take a significant step towards transforming your customer’s shopping experience.

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