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Do you offer any storage?

Yes, we do offer storage to all our users, this means that we are storing the assets from your account so you don’t have to. There are different amounts of storage available depending on the subscription that you have chosen.

How much storage do I get?

The amount of storage available for you depends on your subscription, there is a pre-defined amount of storage for every type of subscription with the possibility to increase storage capacities on demand.







How much does storage cost?

The first 25GB of storage is for free and is included as standard within every subscription, Studio subscription includes another 50GB as part of the standard offer, the costs are included within the subscription costs.

If any additional storage is needed, it is always possible to increase the storage capacity on demand. For an additional 25GB of storage, the following pricing applies.


30 EUR


25 EUR


20 EUR

How can I increase my storage?

Storage is monitored by Rendered and in the near future will also be displayed in your Rendered dashboard. If you are nearing your current storage limit we will contact you. From here there will be two options, either we remove some of the finished products to create space, or we increase your storage for an additional fee.

Order reference data, final product output and embed 3D assets all count towards your storage use.

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