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Output tolerances

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Measurement SystemReference UsedOutput ComparedToleranceNotes
DimensionsMeasured AssessmentDimensions inputFBX+- 1% 
ShapeVisual AssessmentFront, side and back reference (scan if included)FBX+- 1% / 3%2% with 3D scan included and 5% with 3D scan excluded
StructureVisual AssessmentHero referenceGLB+- 10% 
RoughnessVisual AssessmentHero referenceGLB+- 10% 
LightnessDelta LHero referenceGLB and diffuse texture<= 8.75The midtones of both the reference image and glb / diffuse texture are used for comparison
ColorDelta ABHero referenceGLB and diffuse texture<= 4.5The midtones of both the reference image and glb / diffuse texture are used for comparison

Texture and color assesments use the CIELab color space, sometimes abbreviated as simply “Lab” color space. Rendered QA takes color samples of a minimum 25 x 25 pixels, or more, unless a very small area needs to be checked, careful to to avoid shadows/reflections. When RGB or Pantone values are supplied, these will be converted to LAB and the output compared to those.

All output created follows these specific tolerances in the above table. Our production teams work according to these tolerances for modelling, texturing and rendering, and all internal QC follows these measurements.

Jobs that fall within the tolerances as listed above are considered to be properly processed. You may reject jobs that fall outside these tolerances and you have the right to request us to re-execute jobs that fall within the tolerances; in that case an additional service fee applies.

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