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The client API


The Rendered client API has been designed to provide you with maximum flexibility and control over your order and product management process, allowing seamless integration with your existing systems and workflows.

With our API you can programmatically create orders, as well as search for and retrieve order details using various criteria. This enables your applications to interact with our system in real-time, ensuring that your data is always up to date and accurate.


Our API provides the following features:

  • Order Creation: Automate the process of submitting new orders into our system using a simple and secure API call.
  • Get all Products: Retrieve all products from your account to list and load them in your own platform.
  • Product Retrieval by ID: Retrieve the details of a specific product using the ID, ensuring you can access all product information when you need it.
  • Product Search: Utilize our search functionality to find orders based on your criteria.

Getting started

To get started with the client API:

  • API Keys: Securely authenticate with our API using your unique Auth token. If you don’t have one, you can use the POST login endpoint to receive one.
  • Endpoints: Familiarize yourself with the various API endpoints described in this documentation. Each endpoint has its own set of parameters and expected responses.
  • Integration: Integrate the API with your client application by making HTTPS requests to our endpoints from your code.
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