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What are products?

Products in Rendered are the products that you would like digitized from your catalogue. Products are always unique and we split these up into 3 different product types:

The master product is the initial or main product you want to create. All orders must contain either a master product or refer to a master product when creating a variation.

Model variation

The model variation is an alternative or modification of a master product that you have previously created, for example, different legs for an armchair previously created.

Material variation

The material variation is an alternative or modification of a master product that you have previously created, for example, different colour or material type.

When you create a model or material variation product, you will need to select the master product that the order belongs to. The master product can be selected from the entire list of products currently in the Rendered system under your account.

Product stages

Products go through different stages or statuses throughout the production process, each status reflects a specific stage and state for the product. Keeping track of the current stage of a product will allow you to get better insight into the current progress of that product.

See below for the detailed explanations of each status and what each status means.


Not started
Not started means that the product has not yet been picked up to be put into production. If the estimate has been approved and the invoice paid (free subscriptions) it’s waiting for the production team to have some capacity and to pick it up to start the process.


Ready for work
Ready for work means that a product requires adjustments based on the client’s comments, the production team will pick up the product here to make the necessary corrections.


In progress
This status means that work is currently being done on this product, it can be modelling, texturing or rendering.


On Hold
When a product is ‘On hold’ it means that the product has been temporarily stopped due to an incident or because we are waiting for some actions or information from the client. During this time, we are not working on the product.


Client Review
This status means that the client has been notified that the product is available for review. The client will review the asset within the Rendered account, based on the outcome of the review, the client needs to reject or approve the product.

If approved the product will move to finalize. If rejected, the product will go back to Ready for work.


The finalize status means that the product has been approved.

Only then, do we finalize the final output. The team zips and uploads the file to the product and moves the status to finished. The client will then get a notification and is able to download the final output and copy the embed link.


In this status the order is considered as done and cannot be amended/corrected, finished products are not shown in the overall product overview, these can be found by clicking on the “Finished” status.


This status means that the product has been cancelled, when a product is cancelled it is automatically deleted after 7 days.

Can i get a refund for cancelled products? Cancelled products might be eligible for a full or partial refund, please create a support ticket for the product in question and we'll contact you.

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