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Batch order process

What is it?

If you need to create multiple products within the Rendered platform, you can use the batch order process. This requires you to upload a CSV file with all of the product information. On a successful upload all of the products in the CSV file will be added to your account, ready to get processed.

It is important that the structure of the template remains the same. Column names should not be changed and no additional columns should be added.

Batch order Excel template

Download the Excel template and add your product information. Once you have populated the sheet, please export a comma-seperated CSV and upload that in the batch order process within the Rendered platform.

Below is an explanation for the fields that a required:

  • product_name – Insert the product name, SKU or other identifiable code here.
  • order_type – standard or FMCG, more information here
  • product_type – master, model or material variation, more information here
  • product_renders – set to “1” if you require product renders for the product
  • spin360 – set to “1” if you require a 36 frame 360 spin for the product
  • primary_image – URL for the primary / hero reference image or file. This can be any file type or a link to a WeTransfer / Dropbox / Google Drive / OneDrive download URL

Reference data links and download URLs need to be publicly available.

Although the length, width and height fields are not required, it is required to provide overall product dimensions for master products and model variations, this is to ensure AR assets are the right scale. You can also provide the dimensions in an marked up image, by sharing the PDP URL with the dimension data, or in the additional information for the product.

Order type

Standard items – Standard items include many different type of products such as furniture, home appliances, electronics, tools, sanitary ware, shoes, suitcases and bags.
Fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) – also known as consumer packaged goods, include non-durable household goods such as packaged foods, beverages, toiletries, candies, cosmetics, over-the-counter drugs, dry goods, and other consumables.

Product type

Master product – The master product is the initial or main product you want to create. All orders must contain either a master product or refer to a master product when creating a variation.
Model variation – The model variation is an alternative or modification of a master product, for example, different legs for an armchair or a different size of master product.
Material variation – The material variation is an alternative material or color variation of the master product.

If it is a model or material variation, the order ID should be supplied. This always starts with "RDP-" and can be found in the product overview in the Rendered platform, or through API.

It is recommended to first batch order all of the master products, once those are in the Rendered platform you can order the variation products through a second batch order.

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