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Input requirements

Required input

Type Details
Product name This can be a product name, SKU or UPC code. It is recommended to make this unique
Reference images Needs to include front, back and side, they do not need to be photographed in a studio
Primary image selected One of the reference images supplied should be selected as the primary reference image, this will be used to match color and texture of the materials
Product dimensions Overall product dimensions, length, width and height in centimetres

The product name used will also be used for all final output, including the final output zip and the embed link.

Optional input

Type Details
Extra product reference images Extra angles or detail photos of the product and/or materials
2D or 3D CAD drawings  2D line drawings or 3D CAD data, both provide more accurate reference for our teams
Product page website URL  a product page where we can get more details from
3D product scan  3D scan using photogrammetry or laser scanning

Example input

Product dimensions (in cm)

L: 51.5
W: 78.0
H: 59.0

Reference images

Primary reference image
cb244474-667c-4004-8290-95f467727709 ba475ff9-122a-4392-af80-56e14b5e0453

Extra product reference images

9b8cd829-0530-4d8b-880c-119cacc633ba 90f52793-aa4b-45e7-9d94-77d63ed0883e
0c71d679-3578-4c6a-ad0c-fccc42daeee6 6e90c774-e461-4473-bb08-645433d869eb

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