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How do invoices work?

Invoices are created either per product ordered, or monthly, depending on the subscription you are using. Invoices will be created in your Rendered account and can be paid using Stripe Checkout or via bank transfer.

In your Rendered dashboard you will also be able to get an overview of all your invoices and the statuses. Please see below what the various stages mean.

Invoice statuses

All invoices here require payment. These are still within the 14-day payment terms.

When an invoice has been paid it will automatically move to the paid status. 

If you would like to get an overview and report of your account statement, please click on "View Account Statement" in the invoice overview. This you will be able to print or export to a pdf document.

These invoices have gone past the payment terms of 14 days. Please make sure to pay them as soon as possible to avoid any late fees.

Partially paid
Currently Rendered does not support this feature.

Payment methods

You can pay using two different payment methods depending on your subscription.

Stripe Checkout

Subscription users can use Stripe Checkout if they desire, you will then be able to pay your monthly invoice using online payment.

What is Stripe Checkout?
Stripe Checkout is a secure online payment provider that allows you to pay online quickly. It works across all devices for our payments and subscriptions.

Via Stripe Checkout you can use the following methods:

  • Credit cards – American Express / Master Card / Visa Card
  • E-wallets – Apple pay / Google pay

Bank transfer

Bank transfers are only available.

Users will pay once a month after receiving an invoice based on the month’s products ordered, after receiving the invoice, you have 14 days to pay it.

If you have any questions regarding invoices or are encountering any issues in regards to payments, do not hesitate to contact us so we can assist you.

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